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Off with the crib mattresses

November 9, 2014

IMG_3543There are a few things that manage to get me teary eyed. For those that know me I like to keep positive all the time, and for better or worse I don’t let people see me cry. Including my wife. Today we set up Austins first “big bed”, and put away the race car bed; as well as, the only crib mattress we have ever owned for all our kids. I was folding laundry after setting up Austins new despicable me bed, and there was the crib sheet. For whatever reason it hit me as I tossed the crib sheet into our savers pile (second-hand clothing store) that it was about the last real item that was still being used in our house from the infant stage. Some people are in a hurry to skip that stage, and on days I was too; however, I knew it was passing fast and tried to savor every second. It was then that I remembered sitting next to my brother on the plane heading hike in Colorado. The start of our families journey (or at the time the start of his and my vacation). One of the fond memories of him on the plane was knowing weeks prior to the trip we kept talking about how we couldn’t wait to have a few days away from the kids to breath. Then as soon as were on the plane we had several hours of only talking about the babies we missed at home.

The point I’m hitting at is to not be in a rush. With a society moving a towards everything needing to be “faster” it will only require all of us to really slow down to focus on those that are most important to us.

The photo is of my brother with Baylee at the Roger Williams Zoo. I still can’t go to the spot where the photo was taken without catching my breath.

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  1. Pam Pacheco permalink
    November 10, 2014 12:44 am

    Greg, I feel the same way… I wish they didn’t grow up, but I no they have to. I to feel the pain and try to hang on to every moment because you never no when it’s your or someone else’s last. Ken and I love Jeff and miss him lots, he kept us at the church to be onest, he had a glow about him that you just had to be around(like a bug to the light). He was always uplifting and caring and a great friend. You are a lot like him and I’m so glad we stayed and got to no you and your family. You are all wonderful and mean the word to our family! Good bless you and hold on to those moments and to many more…

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