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Oh Christmas TREE

December 24, 2016

With moving to our first farm there have been many firsts. I consider myself a city boy while my wife has farm blood running in her vein. It was only a matter of time until we made a move to a farm. Over Thanksgiving week my grandparents were in town, and the Friday after Christmas is when we always pick up a real Christmas tree. This year was different than normal years though. We happen to live up the steeet from the Allen Hill Tree Farm in Brooklyn, CT. Although the day was as cold as it has been all year we loaded up with hats and mittens to cut our tree down. We were blessed to have my grandfather with us even though he was craving warm weather in his home state of Florida we were able to have him join us.

Life is about memories, and cutting down this tree was full of them. My children were able to spend the day with their great grandfather at a tree farm filled with holiday cheer. My children watched people shake my grandfathers hand thanking him for being a veteran. I watched as I saw my kids begging him to come on a tractor ride while he was truing get the warmth back in his toes.  When we arrived at the plot of trees where we were dropped off I could hear my grandfather picking out the first tree he saw so we could get back to warmth of our house, but my kids had other plans. They wanted to search the entire field looking for the perfect tree. As I was under the tree I could hear the kids, Lachelle, and my Gramp laughing a lot. The didn’t see the smile on my face under the tree, but it was there. This tree will be one of my favorites. Not because it was too big for our house, and caused quotes from “Christmas Vacation” to happen as I trimmed it inside to fit. It will be one of my favorites, because of the memories spent getting the tree. 

Everyone talks about how Life is all about memories and experiences, but how much time is spent creating those memories. I’m thankful this season for my family who are up for adventures, and experiences. 

God bless everyone, and to all a good night!

As always if you’ve made it this far in my post thanks!

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